Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS-4) Program

According to the Hawai’i Department of Education (HIDOE), the Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Program, also known as MS-4, is the program designed to raise awareness and improve our water resource management and maintenance as the most urban-dense populated island in the island chain, O’ahu.

This page lists a document of PDF resources on responsible water management and minimizing pollution in to our sewer systems, along with activities you may printout to learn more!

Policy Information Activities
04.1ab – Consolidated Campus Water Pollution Prevention Program
04.2b1 – Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, MS4 Program
04.2b2 – About the City and County of Honolulu Drain System
04.2b3 – Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff, EPA
04.2c1 – Car Washing Guidelines
04.2c4 – Home and Garden
04.2c5 – Auto Maintenance
Storm Water Cross Word Puzzle
Only Rain In The Drain (Maze)

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